This is a question we are often asked, and until Foldehampton actually exists, we won’t know the answer.  But I thought it was worth jotting down some back-of-envelope calculations, to see how much land we may be looking for, and what we might use that land for.

First, I looked at the land area, number of dwellings and populations of a number of Hampshire villages (Longparish, Owselbury, Serenbe, Sparsholt, Twyford, Kings Somborne, Swanmore, Colden Common, Waltham Chase, Alresford, Bishops Waltham).  The sharp-eyed will have noticed one village that isn’t in Hampshire: Serenbe is an already-existing “New” village near Atlanta, Georgia, that has a number of similarities to what we’re trying to achieve.

From my analysis of these villages I am suggesting that Foldehampton might have 500 people living in 200 dwellings, that occupy some 50 acres of land.  That’s an average of just under 2.5 people per dwelling, and an average of 3.5 dwellings per acre.

So our total land use would look something like this:

Land Use Acres
Housing 50
Community Buildings 1
Retail and Commercial 1
Horticulture 20
Permanent Pasture 150
Forest Gardens 50
Native Broadleaf 30
Commercial Conifer 50
Total 352

I realise that these figures beg a lot of questions, but they are questions that I am not sure that I can answer yet.  I’ll have more idea after we’ve talked to our planning consultant, and after we’ve completed our research trip.

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