Belbin Team Roles

Belbin Team Roles

RJH Belbin Meredith Belbin, a researcher at Henley Management College (now called the Henley Business School) invented the notion of “Belbin Team Roles“, a description of nine different roles that every team needs.  That’s not necessarily nine different people: many people can do more than one role.  It is well worth clicking the link above and reading the Wikipedia article, especially scrolling down and reading about the nine team roles, and having a first stab at knowing which one(s) you fulfill in a team.  Here’s a link to the Belbin Organisation’s own description of the roles.

The Belbin organisation gives the opportunity to do an online test, and to get the results, for £35 per shot, which, I think, is pretty expensive–especially when most people reckon that the most effective part of working out what type you are is “360 degree feedback”, or, in everyday language, asking your mates!

Here is quite a nice Australian (to judge by the accent!) animated video, explaining the roles:


… and here’s a free, web-based test from that you can use to assess yourself.  My results are shown in the picture above right.  You’ll notice that Expert and Innovator for me add up to 38%–we probably don’t want anyone else like me in the team!  But we do need a leader, team workers, and people who can dot “i”s and cross “T”s!

I must be mellowing as I grow older: when I took this test 30+ years ago, I scored about 90% “Plant” (Innovator)!