The Core Group

Core GroupThe Core Group

The Foldehampton Core Group is (will be!) a group of people who are passionately excited to bring Foldehampton into being.  At present we don’t know what people or roles will be involved, so, right now (1st October 2015) it consists of Susan Courtney and James Hardiman, and we have talked to a financial expert who is looking pretty keen to join.

The Core Group will certainly not be paid in the early days (there is no money in the early days!), but may be recompensed in the medium term as funds begin to be generated.

If you would like to be a member of the core group, please contact us and let us know what skills you would bring, and what roles you would like to undertake.  Currently we are thinking that we need a project planner, a project manager, people who can do administration, someone who knows about farming, market gardening, permaculture, etc.  We need an IT person, a lawyer, practical people who can work with wood, metal and stone, to build things … and probably Old Uncle Tom Cobley and all!

The Core Group will cease to exist at some time in the future, probably when it morphs into FoCLE and the FDC.

In addition to needing certain task skills within the core group (law, farming, IT, planning, etc), we need certain process skills as well: a leader, people capable of working in teams, etc.  To this end, we will use the Team Roles model: check out our page on Belbin Team Roles.

What Belbin Team roles do you think that you can fulfill?